• I’d NEVER Call Anybody Else

    AP-Testimonial-ButtonWe spent the holidays in Oklahoma, and while we were 1000 miles away, our Sump pump broke, flooding our partially finished basement. Thankfully we had someone stopping in to water the plants, and found it! We called A Production Property Restoration and they were at our house within an hour of the call, draining the water,Replaced the sump pump and pulled all the carpet out. They even carried my office files upstairs (my finished home office is in our basement!.) By the time we got home 4 days later, the basement was completely dry … And the carpet hauled away. We don’t know what would have come home to if A Production hadn’t handled everything for us. I’d NEVER call anybody else for any water issues EVER! Thank you and God’s Blessings to you John!    Pam W., Ypsilanti MI

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